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Is Gold price set to rise? – 28 Feb 2016

In the 14 February 2016 article, we discussed that the Gold price had reached our upside zone which we had discussed in our 6 December 2015 article, Gold rises from a key pattern formation.

Looking at the weekly chart below, we can see that the Gold price has been consolidating for the past couple of weeks. Is a pullback likely? We discuss a specific pattern formation on a shorter term 24 minutes chart later in the article. What is important is that the Gold price must hold $1185 – $1170 level when a pullback happens. This will also give an opportunity to establish a long position with a low risk perspective. Please read the disclaimer page on this blog.

Gold weekly chart:


Gold weekly chart.

Gold weekly chart.


Lets take a look at the shorter term 240 minutes chart. We have two pattern formations taking place here. A perfect Gartley formation took place at the $1250 level. This is illustrated by the blue shaded area. Next week, if the price gets below the $1204/oz level, it will confirm that we have the pattern formation illustrated in yellow in play. This pattern formation illustrated in the yellow shaded area will form a bullish Gartley pattern around the $1185/$1175 level. Also presenting a low risk entry level. Getting below this level the price could move much lower.

Gold price 240 minutes chart:

Gold 240 Minutes chart.

Gold 240 Minutes chart.


Good luck and prosperous trading!

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  • Vanna May 25, 2017, 00:52

    Spot gold still targets $1,278 per ounce, following its break above a resistance at $1,249, Reuters Technical analyst Wang Tao said.

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